Brookhill Industries, Inc. was established in 1972 as a non-profit corporation, providing quality work, diversified production and special services to business and industrial firms in Northwest Ohio. Brookhill served as a sub-contractor for many leading companies in Putnam County and other surrounding counties. Brookhill has a workforce of 85 employees and warehouse space of over 5000 square feet. We have the ability to ship and receive and can meet any of your transportation needs.

For the first 45 years we continued to flourish providing sub-contract work for various companies through Vocational Habilitation but since January of 2017 we are now a Day Habilitation program also which provides many great opportunities for all Individuals. We have developed a program that will meet all the needs of any Individual whether it be Vocational or Day Habilitation. 

Brookhill Industries was initially part of the Putnam County Board from 1972 until the separation mandate from the State of Ohio and the Federal Government.  Brookhill Industries is now standing alone as a private provider serving individuals of Putnam County.